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What is E-Mentoring?

Our E-mentors work in close association with the member of staff within your school who delivers or oversees delivery of Latin or Classics lessons. All E-mentors are experienced Classics teachers.

E-mentors work in consultation with your staff to plan the content and structure of your lessons, and offer pedagogical guidance and teaching support. They are available to answer questions or concerns staff may have about points of content or common teaching and learning issues.

E-mentors can offer advice and guidance about setting and marking assessments and giving feedback to students. You may ask them to check a sample of your member of staff's marking and offer constructive advice. 

E-mentors may also be requested to submit a written report to the school once a term outlining the work they have done.

Who might use it?

E-mentoring is an excellent support scheme for a wide range of teachers and schools including:

  • non-specialist teachers
  • new teachers working with little or no in-house support
  • one person departments
  • teachers wishing to start up Latin or Classics for the first time
  • schools wishing to trial Classics clubs or classes with minimal extra load for existing staff

How much does it cost?

Cost: £40 per hour

Your E-mentor will provide a monthly time sheet to your school for authorisation so you can keep track of costs.

If you are in a state school and worried about cost, then do consider applying to Classics For All or other bodies for a grant.

Find out more

For further information, or to arrange e-mentor support for your students, please contact