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What is video conferencing?

Video conferencing allows a member of the team at the University of Cambridge School Classics Project (CSCP) to teach students in your school via direct video link. We offer video conference lessons in Latin, Ancient Greek and Classical Civilisation from beginners up to GCSE or A level, and particularly recommend lessons via video conference for schools interested in preparing for examinations.

Video conference teaching is effective for groups of up to about 12 students. All video conference sessions are delivered and planned by a member of CSCP staff, who will be a fully trained school teacher with many years experience in primary and secondary school classrooms.

Video-conferencing tutors will:

  •    prepare a scheme of work and lesson plans
  •    deliver live lessons to the classroom via video conference 
  •    mark student homework, classwork and assessment and return feedback promptly    
  •    inform the classroom teacher of students' progress via regular updates
  •    provide bespoke services, such as visits to the school or video presence at parents evening, on request subject to availability and costs

We recommend that schools allocate a member of their own staff to facilitate the operation of the classes. This allows us, and you, to ensure that areas such as report writing, exam entries and student supervision are properly managed. Observation of lessons also presents an opportunity for a member of school staff to learn subject content and to progress towards taking responsibility for delivery of lessons in the future.

Who might use it?

Video-conferencing is a useful way of providing support for schools in which current staffing may not facilitate Classics lessons, for example:

  • if the only available teacher is a non-specialist
  • your school wishes to 'trial' Classics before committing to hiring new staff
  • you have too many students for existing staff to cover
  • to provide a 'taster' session to gauge student interest
  • your school finds itself unexpectedly without a Classics teacher

How much does it cost?

  • £90 per video conference contact hour
  • bookable from 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday to Friday

This cost includes planning lessons and marking. It may be possible to arrange occasional tutor visits to the school subject to availability and payment of any expenses.

When planning the courses, we recommend you allow the same amount of time for video conference sessions as you would for any other subject at GCSE or A level.

There might be initial set-up costs associated with the provision of equipment.

Find out more

If you are interested in video conference lessons, please do contact us at to talk through the options and practicalities.

"A big thank you once again for that sparkling Latin session last week. The students have really been enthused."