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CSCP provides the following support schemes for schools, all schemes can be used to provide support in Latin, Classical Civilisation or Ancient Greek:

E-tutor Support  A qualified teacher provides support and guidance to a member of staff in your school for example via email or Skype. Your E-tutor will provide extensive advice regarding the teaching and learning of your students including that regarding lesson planning, explanation of content, the use of resources and assessment.

Video conference lessons We can provide high-quality, real-time teaching and immediate two-way discussions between students and our teacher for those schools with the necessary facilities (see Frequently Asked Questions). Video Conferencing can be used to teach classical subjects as far as GCSE, AS or A level.

Many of your queries about delivering classical subjects in conjunction with an e-tutor or via video conferencing may be addressed in our Frequently Asked Questions. If you need any further information though, please don't hesitate to contact us via