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Additional Resources

In addition to the student textbooks, a wide variety of additional resources is available to support the Cambridge Latin Course Course. Many of these resources have been specially designed to be used by students learning without specialist Latin teachers.

Print Materials

There is a huge range of print resources to support the Cambridge Latin Course. Some are published by Cambridge University Press (CUP), who also publish the textbooks, others are published by CSCP.

For schools new to offering Latin, we would recommend purchasing one copy each of the Teacher's GuideIndependent Learning ManualIndependent Learning Manual Answer Book and the Graded Test Booklet for Book I. Schools which will not be using electronic activities to support the learning are also advised to purchase the Worksheet Masters, but for those schools intending to make good use of computer support, this publication may not be as essential. Some schools choose to purchase one Independent Learning Manual per student, others buy one copy and photocopy as and when necessary.

A similar range of support materials are available for Books II and III, whilst IV and V also have Teacher Guides.

For full details of available print materials, please visit the Cambridge Latin Course section of our Shop.

Digital Materials

E-Learning Resource

Between 2000 and 2005, the DfES funded a multi-million pound project to create a Book I E-Learning Resource and Book II E-Learning Resource on DVD to help schools without Latin specialist teachers offer the subject. These stunning resources each contain 1,000 digital activities arranged into 5 courses, with built-in lesson plans, feedback for students and notes for the non-specialist teacher. For full details of these resources, advice on their use and how to purchase please visit the E-Learning Resource pages.

Online Activities 

The Cambridge School Classics Project has believed in the value of electronic activities to support teaching and learning for many years, therefore we are happy to make hundreds of cutting-edge online activities available free of charge on this website. All our activities are organised by book, stage and story. In all, the site contains over 600 high-quality electronic exercises to support the linguistic elements of the Course and over 1,500 weblinks arranged thematically by stage to support the study of Roman civilisation. 

iPad and Online Textbooks

Also available are digital versions of the student textbooks with the online activities embedded.These products provide a cheaper alternative to traditional textbooks and might be useful for schools with tight budgets. These textbooks are published both online and in iPad formats.